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The way the server has worked has been overhauled. Players on the server before the overhaul will automatically be whitelisted. Please read the latest in the Server News section for more information.

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 Whitelist Procedure

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PostSubject: Whitelist Procedure   Thu 08 Dec 2011, 9:52 am

Whitelist Procedure

Copy this whitelist template onto your post and fill out all the necessary questions.
Only good, detailed applications will be accepted. This is to ensure we enlist good, mature people onto the server and not hackers, griefers and whining children.

Minecraft Username:

Other aliases:

Why do you want to join this server?:

What do you understand of the rules, and expectations this server has?:

Will you cooperate with other users?:

Will you be an active player?:

What other servers have you been on?:

Have you ever been banned from a server?:

How long have you played Minecraft and how experienced are you at it?:

A bit about yourself (hobbies, games, etc..)

What is the first thing you will do when you get on the server?:

Anything else (More information gives you a higher chance of being accepted)


If you get a reply saying you haven't been accepted, it will be for a reason. Keep that in mind.

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Whitelist Procedure
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