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The way the server has worked has been overhauled. Players on the server before the overhaul will automatically be whitelisted. Please read the latest in the Server News section for more information.

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 Server Overhaul

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PostSubject: Server Overhaul   Wed 07 Dec 2011, 12:13 pm

Major Changes:

New Whitelisting Procedure:

The new whitelisting procedure is very strict and is much harder to complete than the previous version. This is so we can be sure we have the best quality people on our server to guarantee a good experience overall. It is consisted of 2 parts. Firstly applying for an interview on either the Minecraft Forum thread on Server Forum thread. Questions will include age, gender, time zone, experience playing minecraft and ambitions/reasons for joining this server.

The second part will consist of a live text chat on Skype with the server owner Excalibur42. Live chat (not video) may be necessary in some cases. This will be the definitive way to make sure we get good quality, legit players on our server.

New Rules:

From now on, the server is considered as a Mature, Survival server. The core idea being that Bukkit simply assist in the smooth operation of the server while we try and keep a legit, vanilla experience. There will be no ranks. You are either a player, or Op, and Op status is only given to those who deserve it and who can be trusted.


- '[1] No Griefing'
- '[2] Be ethical'
- '[3] Use common sense'
- '[4] Keep profanity to a minimum'
- '[5] No flying mods'
- '[6] No Xray Mods or Textures'
- '[7] Be kind to people'
- '[8] Sexism and Racism is NOT TOLERATED'
- '[9] No spamming the chat'
- '[10] No begging for a promotion'
- '[11] Be mature'
- '[12] Cooperate with your fellow players

You can view these rules at any time by using the /rules command in-game.

Thank you for your cooperation. Your continued support is welcome.

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Server Overhaul
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